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That is correct, Arasmuss.
Trailer on Old Republic website.
New expansion coming out: galactic strongholds. From what I have seen characters can get their own house, there may even be guild holds.
also grats DR for winning this month :p
more people should vote for "Guildie o' the Month" in roster section left top when they login. i'll be back soon (20th-ish-):)
Welcome to Knights of the New Order. We are a mature, fun guild that enjoys playing the game and learning the various classes. We help our members and others who ask for our assistance. We are here to have fun and not have a stressful play environment.  We are not a raiding guild but a guild that will raid.
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Seralin, Apr 19, 12 10:52 AM.
October 21, 2013    

The guild has had good growth in the last month and more.  Current members have made good use of their time within the game and worked their way to 55 while a number of players are working their way there. Many of us have gear that lets us run HM 55s and start into Ops.  Good job to you all and welcome to the new members. 

At this point we are ready to move into Operations (Ops).  An online friend of mine is a member of the Outer Rim Templars, they run weekly Operations, his game names are Olath/Latho.  I encourage any and all members to speak with him and let him know you are in Seralin's guild, Knights of the New Order. He is willing to help us learn Ops and be our guide.  As we learn the ops, we can teach more people in the guild.

For those having just recently joined, keep having fun, try to group with guild members and soon we will have enough people to run our own Operations if we aren't there now.  If you wish to run Ops or HM55s or PvP, PLEASE try to get a headset with microphone (or something akin to this) so we can talk live.  It really does help with the success of all events.  Look up the guild Mumble information, download the free software and log on and start chatting with us.

I hope you are enjoying the game and the guild, see you in game..

Seralin, Jedi Knight (Ezoul, Dunbar, Jerund)
Guild Leader Knights of the New Order
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